Hello. It’s me. Eva. The Mad Scribbler  =)

In case you haven’t guessed by now, I’m a fan of tropical things. Right down to tropical storms and hurricanes. But then, anything grandiosely natural, mystic or off the beaten path is good stuff in my book. (Yes, that’s Stonehenge in the background there).

I have a “little sister” that I adopted only recently.  She has a thing about cameras—she doesn’t like them. This picture of us, taken during the 2015 Stuart Air Show, is what she has on her website so I’ll respect that. She  is “little” only in stature and age (younger than me) and goes by many names, has traveled the world, skillfully handles firearms, designs buildings with a passion, is a member of the armed forces (NAVY), and is registered as a lethal weapon (Karate black belt). She also inspires me to keep scribbling and has recently been a motivating factor for me to take up Karate.