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 Since I am in the opportunity to travel around I like to share my experiences with you. Here you will find photos and travelogues of the vacations I had in Mexico and Guatemala (‘La Ruta Maya), Vietnam, Laos, Peru, Thailand, and Philippines. I hope you like it!

To create this home page I used several pieces of equipment: 2 Minolta cameras (one APS) and a digital camcorder. The photos I made were scanned and cropped and sharpened using Photoshop to create the best possible quality. All photos on this page are taken by me (except for the ones featuring me), so if you want to use a photo, I really appreciate it if you would ask me first.

Furthermore, I am open to critics (both positive as negative), and I really like it to hear some feedback about this page. You can find a guestbook and an email address…I’ve listed out my views on the accommodation of the places I travel to. 

beach travelRecent updates

August 10: A different look, some text edits on the old Philippines page.

June 16: Added 2 webrings on my introduction page.

On February 18, 2016 I updated my Peru page (more and bigger size photos) and also added my most recent trip: to Isaan (Eastern Thailand) and Cambodia.

In the near future I hope to add photos of March trip to Istanbul and new photos of my April trip to Philippines. At the start of this year, I decided, I would be moving to Tenerife. Here I will be working as an assistant to a boat trip a captain. I am going to be writing all about my experiences. You will be able to see me post on my blog later this year. See Tenerife Host for more advice and information.

Tenerife Host Excursions, Av. V Centenario, 5, 38660 Costa Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, España,+34 618 78 67 49

There are many monuments, museums along the river with lots of playgrounds and sport centers and there are always many people doing something and kids running and playing all around. The garden itself is beautifully designed and trees are well-trimmed.

More travels from Spain!

The Albufera Nature Park

If you are a kind of person who loves being in the nature then The Albufera Nature Park is an exact place for you. It is 10 km out of the city and once you get there you will realize that the air is so fresh, no human beings, everything is untouched. While walking there you will hear the birds singing only. People in Valencia love going outdoors and have a good time with friends or family in the nature.

This park is full of different species of birds, animals, plants and trees. It is a good place for fishing as well and in this region you can try various types of traditional gastronomy like Paella, Arroz a Banda, or All i Pebre. In the evening or late afternoon after having a nice dish, you can take a boat trip and you will discover many things and watch an amazing sunset sitting by the river.

These places are the most brilliant to visit and you can spend the whole weekends over there. But of you are there for more days you can spend it on the beaches which are attractive and not far from the city. These beautiful beaches are long and wide with a nice sand to walk on. You can stay there for a while and chill a bit.

You can also discover other beaches like Malvarosa, Playa de Pinedo or Playa el saler. They are incredible resorts and you can always find good bars over there and meet new people. If you have a couple friends with whom you are travelling with you can also organize bonfires on the beach and spend a cozy, homelike time together. You can also swim in these places and more important many interesting new things are discovered regarding nature along the coastline. So take your journey to Valencia and make it awesome. If you decide to spend time in the Canary Islands, you will need a holiday apartment or villa. That is assuming you have the the budget for it. Staying in Tenerife can be a lot better value than other places in Europe – it is always possible to get a good deal if you look in the right places.